What is the ‘Little Miss’ meme going viral on Twitter & TikTok?

'Little Miss' characters on a bookThurman Publishing / Mr. Men Wiki

TikTok and Twitter users are exposing parts of their personality in the viral ‘Little Miss’ meme — but what does this trend mean and where did it originate?

Every week there are new viral trends and memes that blow up online, and often end up dominating people’s feeds, whether that’s on TikTok, Twitter, or pretty much any other social media platform.

The latest meme that’s got thousands of people participating, is the ‘Little Miss’ trend. Essentially, this trend involves people revealing parts of their personality by attaching it to the phrase ‘Little Miss,’ with some examples so far including, “Little Miss Hopeless Romantic,” and, “Little Miss Uninterested.”

Some Tweets using this meme format have racked up tens of thousands of likes, with even companies like Starbucks getting involved with their own versions.

So, where did the ‘Little Miss’ meme come from?

This all started with the ‘Mr. Men’ children’s book series by English author Roger Hargreaves which began in 1971, and the subsequent ‘Little Miss’ series which began publication in 1981.

Each book centered around a different creature with a specific personality trait, with examples including, ‘Little Miss Bossy,’ ‘Little Miss Greedy,’ and ‘Little Miss Busy.’

The book series has become wildly popular across the world, and is an iconic part of many people’s childhoods, selling over 100 million copies across 28 countries.

This isn’t the first time people have given a comedic twist to these popular books on the internet, but this latest meme has taken Twitter and TikTok by storm, and prompted thousands of people to expose their personality traits and bad habits.

There have been several hugely viral trends to go viral on social media throughout 2022, including the Tortilla slap challenge, which Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart went viral for doing in July.