What is the Reading Rainbow TikTok trend? Theme song filter goes viral

reading rainbow tiktokHank Green TikTok / Lancit Media Entertainment

The latest TikTok trend ‘butterfly in the sky’ is giving users a hilarious new format for opening up about the world’s mysteries with the Reading Rainbow filter that’s going viral.

From flashy dances to trendy cooking recipes, TikTok creators find the funniest ways of recreating a video with their own flair. This time around it’s a format that takes inspiration from the beloved Reading Rainbow series.

The show provided the building blocks of so many people’s understanding of the world and made host LeVar Burton an integral part of their childhoods.

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Though the TikTok trend gives the program’s theme song a slightly different vibe, it manages to retain its whole appeal even with people putting their different takes to the clip.

‘Butterfly in the sky’ TikTok trend

The Reading Rainbow filter lets people record their floating heads through the Milky Way as they relish in the unknown of hilarious situations.

It can vary depending on what angle the user takes but it’s already proving to be one of the best formats to poke fun at an idea or express their shock from a random experience.

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With the tune of Reading Rainbow’s theme in the background, it really delivers the feeling of being stunned by learning something so strange.

“When someone asks me if we get more or less sleep because of daylight savings,” one TikTok user said in their rendition.

These kinds of ‘wtf’ moments start to build from there with jokes about getting a Mike’s Hard Lemonade in their school lunch and Hank Green’s relatable difficulties when explaining concepts of economics.

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There have been hundreds of different takes in the last couple of weeks as more people experiment with the viral TikTok sound.

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