What is “Sussy Baka” on TikTok? Among Us & anime trend goes viral

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A new TikTok trend blends the lines of anime and Among Us as “Sussy Baka” has begun popping up across the platform and social media. For those who are, understandably, confused — here’s a rundown.

If you’ve played or watched any Among Us this year, you know that calling people “sus” is very popular. If you’ve watched any anime, you probably know that “baka” means something along the lines of “idiot.” And, finally, if you’ve been on TikTok, you know that trends often pop out of the nether with zero explanation or rationale.

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TikTok trends are confusing and their origins can often be hard to pin down. But not “Sussy Baka,” that one has been figured out by internet sleuths curious about its growing power. From a random, bizarre TikTok to YouTube videos galore, people are finding out that they are not just bakas, but sussy as well.

And all the momentum started rolling with TikTok’s akeamfrancis2, who responded to someone by creating an iconic sound that mixes Japanese with “sussy.”

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What does “Sussy Baka” mean?

Basically, this trend just combines a bunch of silly insults into one. “Sussy” comes from “sus,” which is popular slang for “suspicious” or “suspect” and was mightily popularized in Among Us as players pointed out people they thought might be imposters. 

As for “baka” and “deku,” the former essentially means “idiot” (as we mentioned earlier) and the latter, which akeamfrancis tosses into his video, essentially equates to “useless person.”

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But, by now, the phrase has taken on a life of its own as what was originally a niche inside joke gets spread across the internet. 

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If you click on akeamfrancis’ sound on TikTok, there are now around 2,000 videos using his response to call anyone and everyone a sussy baka. And these videos, which range from anime edits to lip-syncers to cosplayers to Harry Styles montages, often have hundreds of thousands of views.

And yet, it doesn’t even stop there, as YouTube and Twitter seem to have caught wind of the term and are now using it relentlessly. (Yes, those include memes with the creepy little grey face seen in this article’s header.)

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In the end, while no one can know exactly why sussy baka has become so popular, we do at least know where it comes from. Hopefully, that research means that, even if we’re “sussy bakas,” we’re not entirely “dekus.”

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