TikTok star Anna Shumate apologizes for offensive ‘dark humor’ jokes

Anna Shumate Apology Dark Humor CommentsInstagram: Anna Shumate

Controversial TikTok star Anna Shumate apologized for making racist comments about African-Americans and Jewish people, acknowledging they were well beyond “dark humor” jokes.

Earlier this week, Anna Shumate came under fire to make anti-Semitic and racist comments on her secondary TikTok account.  Some fans brushed it off as ‘dark humor,’ while others claimed it was highly offensive. Either way, it was a controversial issue that took social media by storm.

Now, she’s finally come forward and admitted it was wrong, apologizing to everyone she offended. She also announced that she’d be taking an extended break from social media but will proactively work to try and right her wrongs.

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Anna Shumate Racist CommentsInstagram: Anna Shumate
Anna Shumate came under fire for a series of ‘dark humor’ jokes.

“[I want to apologize] again and [tell] you that I will be taking a break from social media,” she said. “I will be answering my DMs and talking to people one on one. If you want to reach out to me, you can.”

Anna explained that she’d been talking to some of the people she offended and “responding and listening” because “that’s what [she] wants to do.” She also promised to post about them on social media and do her part in “spreading awareness.”

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“It was not right what I said, and I hope the people that said it was okay for me to say it understand that it really wasn’t and all of these topics are very sensitive topics for people, and I am deeply sorry to everybody that I have offended.”

In addition to her apology, she also posted a series of videos talking about all the issues she ‘joked’ about. It included everything from antisemitism, racism, and self-harm to women’s rights. 

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Fans have had mixed reactions to her apology.

Some claimed she’s only apologizing because she got called out and believe she’s only doing it to save face. Others think it’s a step in the right direction, at the very least, and hope it was an important lesson.

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