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Disabled CoD player goes viral on TikTok showing how they play with their foot

Published: 5/May/2021 10:45

by Jacob Hale


A disabled Call of Duty player has gone viral on TikTok, showing off how she uses a modded controller and her feet to dominate the competition.

With gaming as big as it is, there are many companies aiming to increase accessibility and make sure that people can play regardless of their disabilities and limitations.

For example, back in 2018, Microsoft unveiled the Adaptive Controller for Xbox, aiming to make gaming more accessible for those with mobility issues.

Now, we’ve seen exactly how it can work with this viral TikTok.

braintumormama tiktok
TikTok: braintumormama
Cheyenne is paralyzed in her left hand.

Cheyenne Serria Demar, also known as Braintumormama, has around 32k followers on TikTok. Now, though, one of her videos has rocketed to almost 500k views and over 80,000 likes.


Cheyenne, who is paralyzed in her left hand after suffering a stroke, has had to adapt her gaming hobby as a result, using just her right hand and her foot to take out the competition in Black Ops Cold War.

The Xbox controller she uses is adapted and modified to just one-handed use, with added buttons on the front and back to make things easier. As well as that, she has an analog stick mounted on the floor in front of her, using her toe to move around.

@braintumormamanever let your disability stop you for being you its ok to stand out ##stroke ##gamerlife ##disabilityadvocate ##hashtags♬ original sound – Overtime Kicks

Cheyenne has clearly found a way to stop her disability getting in the way of her hobbies, and proves that anybody can do it with her TikTok channel showing clips of her taking on enemies with ease.


Hopefully we’ll see more stories like Cheyenne’s in the future as disability stops becoming a preventative measure for people who love to game.