What is Judge My Spotify? How to get your music taste roasted by hilarious AI

how bad is my spotifyThe Pudding

The end of the year Spotify ‘Wrapped’ roundups had listeners enjoy a report of their 2020 music habits, but there’s now an AI program that’s slamming people’s choice of genres, artists and trends in the year.

While everyone has bands and artists close to their hearts, the new AI project ‘calculates’ just how basic someone is simply by compiling what they’ve been hearing the most throughout the year.

So far, everyone gets a bad report. But the site connects to your Spotify account and then highlights specific artists that you might be listening to a bit too much compared to the rest of your digital music library.

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If you’re brave enough to find out how your 2020 Spotify playlists hold up to the AI judge, then take a look down below for what to expect and how to get your music taste roasted by it.

how bad is your SpotifyThe Pudding
Some people’s Spotify report might be better than others, but they’re all bad.

How bad is your Spotify?

To get the process rolling, all you need to have on hand is your login information for Spotify. After that, it’s a simple matter of giving the site permission to access your account data and everything related to your activity.

Expect the program to uncover all of those guilty pleasure listens, too. Even the “mainstream garbage” that you only dabbled in for a few releases (like Taylor Swift’s new albums) — those will be taken into account too.

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Go to The Pudding’s site for their Spotify AI here, then plug in all of your info before getting one of the saltiest report cards for your favorite music.

The site has even been trending on Twitter with a ton of people getting their results to see how they stack up against the program’s calculations.

Examples of the kind of reviews you’ll get range from “pretentious-hip-hop bad, skrt-skrt bad, face-tattoo bad, folklore-evermore-dumbledore-witch-pop bad, former-child-star bad” and more.

You’ll get to see which artists “you stan to an uncomfortable extent” and even a rundown of which era of music you’re evidently stuck in.

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Don’t take the results to heart, since the bot’s purpose is to find issues with every single Spotify account and it’s fun to compare with friends on how terrible each report is.