The Sway House has released a game and people are absolutely baffled

Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson in the Sway Stories gameTikTok: swaystoriesgame

Popular TikTok collective Sway House has released a story-based animated game starring influencers Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson, and people aren’t sure what to think about it.

‘Houses’ have become a particularly popular phenomenon on TikTok over the past couple of years, with some of the platform’s most popular creators banding together to create content and garner a huge fan base.

Sway House is one of these collectives, and originally featured creators like Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Noah Beck, Griffin Johnson, and more.

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However, there has been some confusion over whether the house is actually active anymore, after Bryce Hall revealed that the house is “dead,” after they moved out.

Sway House Bryce HallInstagram: swayla
The Sway House features some hugely popular creators.

But it looks like they still have some projects in the works, as in August it was revealed that a game would be coming out inspired by the group.

The game is called ‘Sway Stories,’ and is an animated narrative choice-based game that released in September, starring creators Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson.

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After YouTuber Kurtis Conner uploaded a video about the game on September 24, in which he called the project a “disaster,” Sway Stories has been flooded with attention again.

In particular, people have been critical of the promotional material published on the dedicated TikTok page that sees Josh and Griffin act out lines from the game.

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The game, developed by Playco, is available via a link in their TikTik bio, and users play as a girl who gets invited to a Sway House party and gets to meet its most popular stars.

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So far, only one episode of the game has been released, and although it is technically free to play, people have to pay to be able to unlock all of the conversation options.

They claim they will release the second episode when they reach 50,000 TikTok followers, but given that they’re currently only at 15,000, it’s not clear how soon that will be.

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