Josh Richards reveals why he quit the Sway House reality show

Josh Richards explains why he quit the Sway House reality show on the BFFs podcastYouTube: BFFs Podcast

TikTok star Josh Richards explained why he ended up leaving the Sway House reality show on the BFFs podcast, calling the show the “worst idea ever.”

The Sway House is one of the biggest content houses on TikTok, and features some of the most popular stars on the app. Its members have embarked on plenty of projects together, and their most recent endeavor has been in the form of a reality show.

‘Sway Life’ follows the lives of these popular creators, giving fans a glimpse into what life is like for them behind the scenes of public drama.

However, after a few weeks of filming Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson left the show. On the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy, Josh responded to rumors that he had been pulled from the show by manager Michael Gruen.

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Sway House members pose for an Instagram pictureInstagram: swayla
The Sway House are one of the biggest content houses on TikTok.

“Just, first things first, I love how people say he ‘pulled’ us like we wouldn’t have a choice,” he said. “We chose not to do the show.”

He went onto explain: “I think we were probably a part of it for five weeks, maybe like four weeks, and then we were like bro this is just wrecking so many deals. This is getting people texting us being like, ‘you guys look like idiots.’ It was just not good. It was the worst idea ever.”

However, while Josh and Griffin decided the show wasn’t for them, he clarified that “all the other boys wanted to keep doing it, they didn’t wanna stop the reality show,” and added that “for us it was just not worth it.”

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They also reacted to a clip from the show on the podcast, which showed Bryce Hall and Michael having a heated argument. But Josh claims that what appeared in the final cut of the show didn’t match what was originally filmed.

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“That sh*t’s so f**king fake and cut together in certain ways,” he said. “Like that whole entire scene wasn’t even shot close to like that. They’re editing in stuff that happens like three hours later, putting it before. They’ll add the stuff that’s from two-day clip interview before and throw it into there. It’s kind of weird.”

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Despite the change of lineup for the reality show, all the stars involved still remain busy with various events and projects. Bryce Hall is set to fight Austin McBroom in the upcoming YouTubers vs TikTokers event on June 5, alongside a whole host of other influencers.