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What happened to Pudgy from TikTok? Owner confirms viral ‘Owa Owa’ dog has died

Published: 17/Jul/2021 18:14

by Georgina Smith


The owner of PudgyWoke has confirmed that dog, also known as the viral ‘Owa Owa’ dog, has sadly passed away, as tributes flood in from fans and followers.

As well as a range of popular human creators, TikTok is also known for having a huge host of viral animal stars, from dogs and cats, to monkeys and beyond.

Pudgy was one such animal that managed to accumulate a huge number of followers in a short space of time, with the account PudgyWoke currently at over 12 million followers.

The dog became known as the ‘Owa Owa’ dog, thanks to the distinctive sounds he made, and the videos were a massive hit among the TikTok userbase.


Pudgy with his owner
Instagram: Pudgywoke
TikTokers turned pudgywoke’s catchphrase “owa owa” into an app-wide meme

However, on July 16, Pudgy’s owner Malachy James uploaded a YouTube video in which he delivered the sad news that Pudgy had passed away.

He explained that when they were out for a walk they met a guy who wanted Pudgy to meet his dog. “I put Pudgy down and I assumed they are about to just sniff each other. That’s what dogs usually do when they meet each other,” he said.

Unfortunately, the interaction was not friendly, and Malachy explained that the other dog “instantly attacked Pudgy.”

They rushed Pudgy to an animal hospital and had him sedated, but were later told that the severe injuries meant he would have to have surgery that costs $12,000 to $15,000. They were also told that the surgery was not a guarantee he would live.


Malachy then explained that they made the difficult decision to put Pudgy down.

The news comes as a huge blow for fans and followers of Pudgy, many shocked by the devastating story. Tributes have been flooding in from people across social media platforms, as the news of the viral dog’s passing spreads.