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What does Connected to You mean on TikTok?

Published: 12/Jun/2020 16:26

by Jacob Hale


TikTok users have started to notice a symbol popping up for certain videos that simply says ‘Connected to You’ – but what does it actually mean?

While TikTok is still a relatively fresh app to the wider world, there are certain facets of the app that people simply don’t understand, whether they’ve been using it since launch or are new to the platform.

One of these is the ‘Connected to You’ symbol that occasionally pops up on certain videos, and while many choose to just ignore it, it’s definitely raised some questions from various users.

This TikTok feature has been quite divisive among users.

There’s a lot of terminology unique to the platform that isn’t immediately obvious, such as comparisons between ‘Alt’ and ‘Straight’ Tiktok, but Connected to You is much more simple to understand.

What is Connected to You on TikTok?

It essentially means that you know the person in one way or another – here’s how it finds out.

If someone’s video has the ‘Connected to You’ symbol planted in the bottom left corner of the screen, it most likely means that you have that person’s number saved in your device, or vice versa.

It seems to be an effort from the platform to bring people together and help keep up to date with what your friends are doing on TikTok, but some users are complaining about it as it ruins their anonymity on the app, or because they simply have no connection to the user in question.

The rollout of the connected to you feature seems to have been a slow one, but more and more people are now seeing it pop up, so it seems as though it will be a permanent fixture on the app going forward.

‘Connected to You’ allegedly only appears for users who have linked their phone number to their TikTok account, so if you haven’t already, it’s likely you won’t see the feature at all, especially as it hasn’t yet rolled out globally at the time of writing.

Obviously, if you don’t have your phone number connected to the app, you have nothing to worry about, but you might want to consider unlinking your number altogether if this is going to be a major concern for you.


Asmongold defends Forsen after learning the real reason for Twitch ban

Published: 27/Nov/2020 20:11

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular Twitch star ‘Asmongold’ went to bat for fellow streamer Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors after the Swede was banned from the platform on November 26.

At first, no one knew the real reason for Forsen’s ban, with some thinking it may have been DMCA-related. However, viewers soon discovered that for a brief moment in a recent broadcast he showed a gif of a horse in a very inappropriate scene.

Despite this, Asmongold decided to stick up for Forsen during his own broadcast and call out Twitch for banning him due to an honest mistake.

“How the f**k is that going to be TOS? If…I don’t understand. You’ve got other people and they’re going around showing Animal Planet,” he explained. “Like you see literal animals killing each other, but you see a horse’s d**k?”

To this, Asmongold makes an interesting point. There are streams on Twitch that document animals in the wild and they can get into some rather freaky situations that, while natural, aren’t exactly the kind of thing you’d show your boss.

“Listen, horses don’t wear clothes, you know that?” the streamer sarcastically stated. “So, if you look at a horse, you’re going to see their d**k. Like, that’s all there is to it. It’s weird, man.”

However, right after making this argument, the streamer learned that it wasn’t just the horse that got Forsen banned, but the girl who was in the gif with the animal that changed the whole conversation. Briefly, anyway.

“Okay, that’s a little bit different,” he confessed. “It’s a little bit more than what I thought it was.”

Despite this, Asmongold still defended Forsen for the mistake of showing the gif. “I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal. You show that for like a second, right? Cause it’s an accident.”

According to the popular World of Warcraft player, one second of footage shouldn’t determine a whole Twitch career. “That seems stupid to me,” he added. “But you know, here we are.”

Unfortunately for Forsen, the streamer says this time, his ban is indefinite and it’s unclear when, if ever, he will be unbanned.

Hopefully, with Asmongold speaking out, Twitch can agree to let this incident slide and let Fors back on the platform so he can stream again.