Warzone streamer Nadia apologizes after Twitch ban for doxxing viewer

Nadia in her apology videoYouTube: Nadia

Twitch streamer Nadia Amine came under fire on December 15 for doxxing a donor’s full name as retaliation for his hateful messages. She has now posted an apology explaining the full situation.

Nadia’s 2022 could not be any more eventful than it currently is. She garnered a sizeable audience on Twitch with her Warzone streams. But not all of the attention was strictly due to her playstyle or commentary.

Some users of Twitch started “hate-watching” Nadia after she was accused of cheating by other content creators despite the overwhelming lack of evidence.

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After months of being in the spotlight, she was temporarily banned from Twitch on December 15 for violating community guidelines. The specific reason for the ban was the fact that Nadia read out loud a full legal name of a donor who donated just to accuse her of cheating.

Nadia apologizes for her “moment of weakness”

The original ban was supposed to last for 14 days, but Twitch cut it short. The female Warzone content creator took to her live stream to explain the situation and apologize.

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“When you get a donation, on your phone, the name of the person pops up,” she explained in her apology video. “So I said the person’s first and last name. But looking back at it and having the time to reflect, I realize that wasn’t the best way to combat the hate.”

Nadia then calls her behavior a “moment of weakness,” before explaining that 2022 has been a nonstop rollercoaster of emotions ever since she exploded into mainstream Twitch.

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The response to this apology has been mixed, with some Twitter and Twitch users claiming this was “another Nadia W.” Other users called it the “biggest non apology” they have ever seen.

Even other content creators are splitting into camps opposing and supporting Nadia. Seth ‘Scump’ Abner called her a “genius” for the way she handled all the attention earlier in the year. For this incident in particular, though, Asmongold said that there is no excuse for revealing the private information of donors, calling for her permanent removal from Twitch.

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Nadia by accident became part of an even bigger debate about the state of Twitch, for years now bigger names like Asmongold or xQc argued that Twitch staff hand out very inconsistent bans for various reasons.

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