Waitress sparks debate on TikTok after pigtail hairstyle gets her more tips

Dylan Horetski
TikToker sparks debate

A waitress by the name of b_woodard has sparked a debate between viewers on TikTok after revealing that putting her hair up into pigtail braids got her more tips at work.

Bella, a waitress that goes by the username b_woodard on TikTok, has gone viral on the app after uploading a video that has received over 3.8 million views.

In the video, she explains that she saw another creator that went to work as a waitress after putting her hair into pigtail braids and received more tips than usual during her shift, so Bella decided to try it herself.

“I’m just gonna say, it’s so weird and gross but I’m down for more tips,” she explained. At the end of the video, she revealed that someone gave her a $135 tip from one customer during her shift.

Waitress’ video sparks debate between viewers

Bella’s video sparked a debate among viewers, with some thinking it was a good idea and others being grossed out by it.

One user took to the comments to agree with Bella: “Works every time, I used to call them my tiptails.”

A second user also agreed, saying: “omg yes I get so many compliments from my tables when I do pigtails.”

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A third viewer also mentioned that Bella might get better tips because she’s a blonde: “Yay I’m glad it worked! I think the blonde also helps. When I was blonde I got better tips than as a brunette.”

However, other people contributed the extra tips to the fact that she looks “young and vulnerable.” This lines up with Bella’s initial thoughts of it being creepy.

A viewer replied: “It’s because we look more young and vulnerable.”

While another user echoed the same thought: “Do y’all think it’s bc hair like that makes girls look young?”