Vtuber Shylily criticizes Twitch after surprise ban

Calum Patterson
vtuber shylily on twitch

One of Twitch’s most popular Vtubers, Shylily, who has been streaming on the platform since 2015, has been handed a three-day ban, and hinted that it was due to breaking sexual content rules.

On August 15, Shylily confirmed that her ban was 72 hours, joking that it was a ‘3-day vacation’.

Unlike many other popular Vtubers, Shylily, from the Netherlands, is not signed to one of the big groups like Hololive or Vshojo, instead choosing to be an ‘independent’ Vtuber.

Despite this, she has enjoyed lots of success as streamer, revealing her new model in January 2022, and reaching over 700,000 followers.

Why was Shylily banned?

Although the exact reason can’t be confirmed, and Twitch does not comment on the cause of bans to protect the privacy of users, Shylily herself has given fans a hint at the likely reason.

After initially appearing surprised by the ban on Twitter, she said “my t**s too big.”

Twitch’s community guidelines on “nudity and sexual content” extends to “Augmented reality avatars that translate real-life movement into digital characters” – such as Vtubers.

It’s possible that Twitch deemed Lily’s avatar on one of her recent streams to violate the rules.

However, Lily criticized Twitch’s vagueness about her ban, saying “It’s a smart way on their end to make decisions based on individuals instead of enforcing their ToS properly & fair on everyone.”

Once her three-day suspension is over, Shylily will be free to return and stream as normal – although may have to be careful about how her model appears on stream.

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