Indie VTuber Shoto asks fans to stop saying he’s part of NIJISANJI

Andrew Amos
shoto on stream wearing hoodie

Shoto is one of the biggest names in independent VTubing, and he’s beloved by many for his collaborations with NIJISANJI talents. However he’s his own VTuber and he wants fans to stop joking about the indie being a part of the agency as it “devalues” his work.

Shoto, who goes by ‘Shxtou’ on Twitch, is one of the world’s biggest independent VTubers. While many grow off the back of the agency, the purple-haired star made his own path and soared.

Thousands tune into his daily variety streams, and he often collabs with other VTubers ⁠— commonly NIJISANJI EN idols ⁠who are his close friends. However, some have taken Shoto’s close bonds with AnyColor’s circle and conflated it to him being a part of the agency.

After multiple requests to stop the rumors, Shoto has put his foot down and asked fans to stop “devaluing” his work as an independent by saying he’s a part of NIJISANJI as it causes him and other idols “a lot of discomfort”.

“I find it extremely disrespectful and annoying to not only NIJISANJI but to me but when people try to joke or say I’m a part of their company, or when they ask ‘where’s Shoto’ in NIJISANJI related streams or events and discussions,” Shoto said on Twitter.

“I am not a part of any company and I never was. You’re causing not only me but a lot of members of [NIJISANJI English] a lot of discomfort when you bring me up unprompted.”

While Shoto gets along very well with the NIJISANJI stars, he wants people to recognize the hard work he’s put in for himself and support his own independent platform.

The star also isn’t sure if it’s people doing it maliciously, but no matter whether they’re a diehard fan or an anti, he wants the agency talk to stop.

“I love playing games and hanging out with them, but that doesn’t mean I’m a part of NIJISANJI. It feels bad for me because it devalues all the work I put in the past two years I’ve been a streamer trying to build my brand and platform as Shoto.

“If you’re a part of the NIJI EN community or you’re a Guildie [Shoto’s fanbase], don’t bother my friends or bring me up. If it’s people doing this on purpose to troll me and my friends in EN, you’re just terrible.

“I’ve expressed many times before I don’t want to be in a company. I’m Shoto, and only Shoto. There’s no Shoto NIJISANJI, it’s just Shoto and it’s how I always want things to be.”

Shoto’s statement has been met by widespread affirmation in the community, with NIJISANJI members, independents, and fans alike all coming out in support of the star VTuber.

“Regardless of being in or out of NIJISANJI, you will always be my friend,” NIJISANJI’s Mysta Rias said. “You are, and always will be, your own person,” Uki Violeta, also with the agency, added.

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