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Vtuber Gura thinks its “weird” her removed emote is on Twitch

Published: 4/Jan/2022 20:05

by Zackerie Fairfax


Gura, a Virtual YouTube streamer with over 3 million subscribers, has responded to one of her now-deleted emotes being on Twitch. Despite never having streamed outside of YouTube, her likeness is being used to wave at other streamers.

Emotes are a way for the chat to communicate with a streamer without having to use actual words. In fact, many streamers have emotes that viewers are intended to use during specific moments, such as when a streamer does something embarrassing or funny.

On Twitch, viewers can use universal emotes provided by the platform, or they can use channel-specific emotes if they are a paid subscriber. The number of emotes a streamer has available depends on how many subscribers they have.


However, users can download a the BetterTTV browser extension to gain access to a large library of user-created emotes. These emotes can be used on both Twitch and YouTube. The extension also includes one of Gura’s now-deleted emotes.

Gura feels “weird” about the GuraWave emote

gawr gura gurawave chat
Gawr Gura
Gawr Gura addresses GuraWave emote. Says it feels “a bit weird” to see.

Gawr Gura is a Vtuber who joined YouTube in 2020 and has amassed a following of 3.7 million subscribers. She’s also a member of Hololive, and can be found regularly playing games live to thousands of viewers.

At the end of a recent stream, Gura discussed her feelings about Twitch and why she prefers chatting with her viewers on YouTube. “I feel like Twitch chat is less conversation and more just massive walls of emotes. It’s just different.”


During this discussion, Gura shared her thoughts on the GuraWave emote. “I do know about the GuraWave emote on Twitch. I have seen it before. GuraWave, that’s always a bit weird.”

GuraWave emote history

The GuraWave emote isn’t one of Gura’s current emotes, but it was for a brief period of time in 2020. During the rise of Gura, they had received emotes from an artist who was known for tracing artwork of others and passing it off as their own.

Gura’s community was quick to notify both the streamer and Hololive that the new emotes were traced. Within an hour, the emotes – along with the original GuraWave – were removed from the channel.


Yet, that did not stop user okabar from uploading the GuraWave emote to BetterTTV just a few months later. While the emote artist wanted to remain anonymous, their work will live on via BTTV regardless of whether Gura wants them to or not.

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