Ludwig agrees to become VTuber for a day after losing YouTube bet

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Twitch: Ironmouse / YouTube: Ludwig

After losing a coin toss against popular VTuber Ironmouse, Ludwig Ahgren has agreed to become a VTuber for a day. He is even considering using a cat maid model, which he described as his “specialty.”

VTubers have taken the world by storm. They’re virtual content creators who stream online using digitally generated avatars heavily inspired by anime.

Ironmouse is a good example. She has almost 1 million followers on Twitch, who all tune in to watch her sing, dance, and play games.

However, after losing a coin toss bet against her, it seems like Ludwig will be the next VTuber to join the fray – at least, for a day.

YouTube: Ludwig
After losing the bet, Ludwig’s cat maid persona might be getting re-created as a VTuber.

After playing a series of mini-games together online, Ludwig laid down the challenge.

“The way it works is simple. I am going to Google coin flip,” he said. “Immediately, a coin will start digitally flipping. It will be either heads or tails. I will give you the honor of deciding which one you would like.”

“I always pick tails,” said Ironmouse.

Then, Ludwig revealed what was at stake. “If you win and it’s tails, I will become a VTuber for a day,” he said. “But if you get heads and lose, you have to do VRSpace for an entire stream.” Ironmouse agreed, and the game was on. 

“You ready? Good luck,” said Ludwig. He pulled up the digital coin flipper, and they both watched in awe as it decided their fate. Sure enough, it landed on tails. He couldn’t help but cup his hands over his head.

“This has by far been the worst day of my life,” he said. “GG Ironmouse. You boomed me. He also asked her to hook him up with someone who can make a cat maid VTuber model. “That’s my main specialty. A cat maid.”

Ironmouse assured him it wouldn’t be a problem. She also promised to coach him. “You need lore. You need to talk about your likes and dislikes,” she said. “You’ll have the best debut ever. You’ll be the biggest male VTuber around!”

Ludwig hasn’t locked in a date for his debut VTuber stream yet. However, he intends to honor the agreement. “If I fail to do another promise, my chat will yell at me. Let’s get in contact, and we’ll figure out the details.”