Pokemon Go streamer mortified by Twitch viewer’s embarrassing donation prank

azaray mortified during IRL pokemon go streamTwitch/azaray

A Pokemon Go streamer showed exactly why text-to-speech donations can be extremely troublesome after a Twitch viewer’s tip left him completely humiliated.

Text-to-speech donations are, normally, a pretty handy addition to streams. By reading a donation’s message for the streamer, it can allow them to focus on other things or avoid missing out on a generous gifter.

Sometimes, however, viewers can use the function to play embarrassing messages out loud, with strangers often overhearing these donations during IRL broadcasts.

Scottish streamer ‘Azaray’ had text-to-speech enabled while he was out playing Pokemon Go and, unfortunately for him, a ten-bit cheer nearly landed him in hot water.

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Twitch streamer humiliated by text-to-speech donation

During one of Azaray’s broadcasts, the streamer received a message that pretended to be a Google security alert.

“Your phone has been locked and your data has been sent to the police,” the prank message played, scaring the young streamer.

Mortified, he began speaking over the message and took issue with the donor, telling them their prank was “not okay.”

“That is not okay,” he repeated. “I’m literally in the city center right now. You can’t do that!”

This could have ended very badly for the streamer if anyone had heard the message and believed it. Luckily, he wasn’t harmed as a result of the dangerous prank and he seems to be in good spirits over the whole incident.

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“What a dumba**,” he joked in response to Dexerto tweeting a video of the incident, poking fun at himself.

For any aspiring IRL streamers out there, hopefully, this is something you can learn from. Be sure to either disable or find a way to filter text-to-speech messages when in public in order to prevent dangerous pranks from potentially ruining your careers or even your lives.