VShojo’s Kson is appearing in Like a Dragon: Gaiden and its her dream

VTuber Kson standing in front of clip from Like A Dragon: Gaiden

VTuber Kson has always hoped to appear in one of the Yakuza games and the VShojo star’s dream seems to be coming true as she is set to be a part of Like a Dragon: Gaiden.

With VTubers quickly taking content creators’ spots as some of the most well-known streamers online, it is no wonder that there are now organizations like VShojo. These teams have played host to many of the biggest names in the VTubing community, from Froot to Nyanners.

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Many such cast members often come and go, whether that be through commemorative graduations or through independent choice. Two popular VShojo streamers, Silvervale and Veibae, recently departed from the company to start focusing on personal projects.

Other VTubers from the VShojo group such as Kson continue to produce content under the brand. Kson has expressed many of her own goals, regardless, one of which is to appear in her favorite game series. It seems that this dream may be coming true as she is now set to be a part of Like a Dragon: Gaiden.

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VTuber Kson set to appear in Like a Dragon: Gaiden

The official studio behind the renowned Yakuza series took to Twitter earlier, revealing that five winners have been selected to be featured in Like a Dragon: Gaiden. The upcoming title is set to be a spin-off of the Like a Dragon (formerly known as Yakuza) video games, revealed as a side story.

Kson, one of VShojo’s idol VTubers, was chosen as one of the five after making it through the final audtion stage for a role as a hostess within Like a Dragon: Gaiden’s minigame. Fans were excited to see her progress through the rounds and come out successful, due especially to her own desire.

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The VTuber is well-known for her love of the Yakuza games and her dream to make an appearance in the series at some point. It seems that her dream is finally coming true, marking an important point in both her career and VShojo’s reputation.

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