Viral TikTok shows mechanic ripping out car battery over an alleged pay dispute

an image of tiktok viral mechanic fightTikTok: Eleydiruiz

TikTok users have become enthralled by a viral altercation between an enraged mechanic and a driver in Philadelphia, leading the mechanic to rip out a battery from a moving car.

Every day a new trend appears on TikTok but what really captivates viewers is undoubtedly drama. However, this time it isn’t beef between influencers, but a clash between a mechanic and a driver on the streets of Philadelphia.

After the driver allegedly failed to pay for repairs, the mechanic literally took matters into his own hands and stopped a moving car in its tracks.

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An image of tiktok viral mechanicTikTok: Eleydiruiz
TikTok users are debating whether the mechanic’s actions were appropriate.

TikTok users debate over Philadelphia mechanic’s actions

In a now-viral video posted by TikTok user @eleydiruiz, a Philadelphia-based mechanic is shown disconnecting a car battery while the vehicle is moving, while clearly full of rage. While the full story of the argument has yet to be revealed, the caption reads “when you try to run off without paying the mechanic.”

The mechanic is shown removing the battery and then attempting to smash the driver’s side window, failing to do so. This has caused TikTok users to ridicule the widow-breaking effort: “Damn that window stronger than my last relationship.”

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Commenter @KittieJRose said, “I punched a window before and the surgery wasn’t worth it.”

However, many TikTok users are unsure whether reacting aggressively was the right call in this situation. @GusN93 isn’t sure all the pieces of the story are present, saying “something is missing from this story maybe he didn’t even fix it right.”

TikTok user @MichaelRaquel questioned the quality of the mechanic’s repairs, adding “Car should have kept running. Damn car ain’t fixed. Alternator is bad.”

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As the video gains more traction, one thing is for sure: always pay the mechanic.

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