What is the ‘I actually did it myself’ sound on TikTok? Viral Julia Fox comment explained

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Julia Fox has delivered yet another ‘uncut gem’ upon the world, and TikTok users are running rampant with her latest comment from another viral interview.

Italian-American actress and model Julia Fox blasted her way into everyone’s Instagram feeds upon dating rapper Kanye West following his separation from Kim Kardashian.

Since then, she’s become quite a hot topic of conversation — in part thanks to the way she said ‘Uncut Gems’ in the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast back in February.

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Her odd pronunciation of the movie title prompted a slew of hilarious memes all across social media, and even saw the actress respond to the fun with a cheeky comment: “Omg I was stoned, leave me alone! Hahaha.”

Julia Fox uncut gems podcastYouTube: Spotify
Julia Fox went viral for the way she said ‘Uncut Gems’ during an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Where did the TikTok sound ‘I actually did it myself’ come from?

Now, it looks like Fox has given us another viral moment, thanks to yet another interview she gave at the 2022 Oscars.

The interview took place at Vanity Fair’s Oscars party, where Fox was asked who had applied her signature “strong eye makeup” that she was wearing to the event.

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In response, Fox said, “I actually did it myself… yeah…” in a way that trails off.

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TikTok has gotten ahold of the comment and made it go viral, with oodles of videos getting uploaded using the sound — generally as a way to joke about their own mistakes.

Makeup artist and YouTuber Nikki Tutorials used Fox’s comment while showing off a stunning rainbow eye look, captioning her clip: “The way Julia Fox is a living viral TikTok sound.”

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Even music artist CharliXCX used the sound as a way to make light of the time she “sacrificed your entire personal life to make 5 albums and 4 mixtapes in like 10 years.”

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There are several versions of the sound on TikTok right now, with one garnering over 66,000 uses at the time of writing.

This latest trend follows the viral Steve Madden bag that is currently taking over TikTok, prompting fashionistas to flock to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s in the hopes of nabbing one before they sell out in stores – but when they inevitably do go out of stock, we can only say that “we did it ourselves…”

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