Viral Oppenheimer TikTok leaves fans scared to watch ‘intimate’ scene

Alice Sjöberg
Oppenheimer that scene

A girl has gone viral on TikTok after realizing she’ll have to watch a ‘spicy’ scene in the new Oppenheimer movie alongside her parents. Her video has now scared thousands of other people who are going to see the film with their relatives.

The Barbenheimer premiere is finally here, with thousands of people rushing to see the new Barbie movie as well as Christopher Nolan’s newest war drama Oppenheimer.

As more and more people have gotten the chance to see the film, one scene has gotten more attention than others, as it features Nolan’s first-ever sex scenes, which he since has argued are essential for the storyline.

In the weeks leading up to the premiere, it was rumored that one “prolonged” sex scene between Florence Hugh and Cillian Murphy was 15 minutes long.

As the news reached TikTok, users panicked as they were planning on watching the films with their parents or other relatives. And, let’s be honest, no one likes watching scenes like that with relatives.

One TikToker by the name of thisisntstellah got over 3 million views in less than 24 hours as she posted her reaction to hearing about the sex scene.

Looking worried with her hand at her forehead, Stella wrote: “When I already bought Oppenheimer tickets for me and my parents just to go to TikTok and find out THE SCENE is 15 minutes long?????”

She captioned the video: “15 minute bathroom break I’m thinking.”

Fans are now scared to watch Oppenheimer with their families

In response to the video, viewers seem to be just as scared to watch the drama film as Stella is.

One person commented: “Please tell me it’s not, I have to see it with my dad and grandpa.”


A third person came up with a great solution to the problem, as they wrote: “I’ll just sneak into the Barbie movie for 15 minutes.”

However, one person tried to calm down the comment section by saying: “Guys it’s like 3 min y’all are fine.”

Oppenheimer is in cinemas now, and you can find more of our coverage here.

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