Video platform explains why it’s letting Andrew Tate “speak freely” after numerous bans

andrew tate on rumbleRumble/AndrewTate

Controversial social media figure Andrew Tate has been banned from just about every platform under the sun this week including YouTube and TikTok, but one is content with letting him speak.

Tate’s comments about women in society have earned him the ire of the internet with Facebook and Instagram-owned Meta claiming he violated their “policies on dangerous organizations and individuals.”

Despite some free speech support from the likes of Jake Paul, SomeOrdinaryGamer and recently Twitch star Asmongold, it’s unlikely that the platforms that banned Tate will change their position and welcome him back.

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However, one video site, Rumble, has expressed that Tate’s content will remain on the site with its CEO Chris Pavlovski explaining why he feels it would be wrong to censor him.

Rumble CEO vows to protect Andrew Tate’s free speech

In a post on Twitter, Pavlovski retweeted a Rumble link to Andrew Tate’s so-called “final message” and revealed that his videos won’t be pulled from the site.

“Providing a platform for people to speak freely is essential,” he stated. “We are going to do whatever it takes to hold the line for free speech, whether we agree or disagree with what’s said.”

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It’s important to note that the Rumble CEO is not supporting Tate’s comments, but rather believes he has a right to say them.

Rumble’s decision was met with support in the comments.

“Freedom of speech and expression is paramount for free and open society and cancel culture has no place,” replied one user.

Tate’s Rumble videos have incredibly low view counts some uploaded months ago only having one or two to their name. We’ll have to see if that changes with Rumble being one of the only platforms still allowing Tate’s content.

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Back in February, Rumble offered Joe Rogan $100m to leave Spotify amid calls to “cancel” the podcast host.

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