Vexoria puts VTubing in spotlight with thegameHERs 2022 award win

Andrew Amos
Twitch VTuber Vexoria the sun eater

While some award shows give VTubers their own section to shine, Vexoria the Sun Eater went one better at thegameHERs 2022. The Twitch star took home Charity Streamer of the Year, thrusting the medium into the wider spotlight again.

thegameHERs awards are there to support and highlight women in streaming, celebrating their achievements across the year. It’s a big affair with big name sponsors, with the ceremony itself attracting thousands of viewers on November 29.

While most of the streamers who walked away with prizes from the night were of the flesh variety, one virtual creator stood out in Vexoria the Sun Eater. The 36-year-old streamer and mother of two prides herself on her authenticity on stream, as well as shining a spotlight on important issues like mental health.

It was that support that ultimately gave her the Charity Streamer of the Year gong, following a massive broadcast earlier this year. 

Vexoria won specifically for her charity stream with in April 2022, raising more than $16,000 across the five-hour broadcast with the support of her fans in the Hissing Depths. The stream reached hundreds of viewers, with a combined watch time of more than 3,600 hours.

It was a no-brainer for her to support, a domestic violence survivor support charity: “As a former survivor of domestic abuse from a previous relationship, I wanted to help those who had suffered similar trauma I had,” she told Dexerto. 

“I wanted to raise awareness that domestic abuse and trauma can happen to anyone no matter the age or gender identity. I also wanted to give hope to those who were still in difficult situations and let them know there [is support] out there for them.”

The award nomination back in September took her by surprise to start. She was also nominated for Twitch Streamer of the Year, despite only debuting in November 2021. It meant the world for Vexoria, who was “completely shocked” to actually win on the night.

“I started crying happy tears like a cascading waterfall and I was at a complete loss for words,” she said. “My husband [Zolon] ran in and started crying and hugging me telling me how proud he was of me. 

“I haven’t even been streaming a year yet, and to be recognized by thegameHERs and be nominated with other fantastic, wonderful, and charitable content creators was a huge honor and privilege.”

However, it’s not just a case of being recognized as a female content creator. It’s the fact a VTuber stood shoulder to shoulder alongside their flesh counterparts. Rarely in award ceremonies does that happen, with VTubers ⁠— although now getting recognized ⁠— often being relegated to individual categories.

There’s been a few exceptions to the rule, with some VTubers and virtual stars getting some innovation nominations like CodeMiko. But never has one actually won over a flesh counterpart.

“I think VTuber representation for these kinds of awards is a wonderful thing! It shows other VTubers that you can make a difference, and it shows the rest of society that you don’t necessarily have to do charity work in conventional ways. 

“VTubers are valid content creators and can bring so much creativity to these award shows and mainstream media. We are every bit as much of a force in the streaming world as other mainstream content creators, and with our creativity, our communities, and our drive, we can be a powerful force for good in the world.

“I hope that more visibility in these award shows and other mainstream presentations creates more awareness of VTubing in general, more eyes on the style of content we can create, the types of things we can do, and the way VTubers itself changes the art of streaming.”

As for what the future holds for Vexoria? Well she has her anniversary to look forward to and a ton of new content, including a “human form” model as well as a big Vexoria 2.0 model re-debut.

And the charity stream wasn’t a one-off either, with the Sun Eater ready to bring awareness to more great causes: “I am also looking to do more charity work with organizations that matter most to my community and myself, namely neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ charities as I have a 12-year daughter on the spectrum and I am bisexual.

“I’ve had amazing opportunities this past year with many memorable collaborations and fantastic friends. I’m really looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned for the next year and cannot wait to celebrate it all with my awesome community!”

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