VShojo dominate Streamys 2022 VTuber nominations as Hololive, NIJISANJI miss out

VShojo VTubers Nyanners and IronmouseTwitch: Nyanners / Twitch: Ironmouse

VShojo has dominated the Streamys 2022 VTuber nominations with four talents getting a nod for the streaming gong. Hololive and NIJISANJI were snubbed of any nominations though, leading to community outcry about the award.

The Streamys is live streaming and internet content creation’s night of nights. The very best across all platforms get celebrated in the award ceremony, and that gesture is being extended to VTubers in 2022.

A category specific to virtual creators was added this year. The nominations are now in, with one agency dominating the charts: VShojo.

The American-based VTuber agency had four of their talents nominated for the Best VTuber category at the Streamys 2022 in Ironmouse, Nyanners, Zentreya, and Veibae. CodeMiko rounded out the list of virtual streamers considered for the award.

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However the nominations themselves have been called into question, with two glaring agency omissions in Hololive and NIJISANJI.

For the Streamys, streamers had to submit themselves for nomination before August 15 via the award’s website. All nominations had to be made “by the owner, creator, or otherwise authorized representative” of each creator.

It’s unclear if Hololive and NIJISANJI submitted their talents for consideration in the Streamys for 2022.

VTuber community divided over Streamys nominations

The balance of the nominations has divided VTubers, with some claiming the Streamys were biased towards VShojo and English-speaking talents.

“If you’re streaming on YouTube, why not put some YouTube VTubers on here,” Phase-Connect’s Pipkin Pippa said. “Seriously, how did none of the Hololive girls make it on here? Pomu [Rainpuff], Selen [Tatsuki], the LUXIEM boys of NIJISANJI all have been killing it.”

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YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren called the criticism a “fair point”, adding: “I think as far as live streaming goes this is the most ‘in touch’ the Streamys have been but they’re still [pretty] out of touch.”

Zentreya, who was shortlisted for the award, has also withdrawn her nomination so other “multi talented people more deserving” can have their work recognized.

“Thank you all for your kind words and support, but I have already put my withdrawal in for the Streamy VTuber category so that someone more amazing can get their moment to shine,” she said. “I am proud of my friends for being able to get on the list.”

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It’s also unclear if Zentreya’s withdrawal will be accepted, and another talent will take her place on the awards list.

The Streamys 2022 award show will take place on December 4.