Silvervale questions friendship with Ironmouse following VShojo exit

vtuber silvervale streaming on twitch answering fans' questionsSilvervale

When asked on stream about her friendship with Ironmouse, Vtuber Silvervale questioned how close the two are, claiming that they haven’t spoken in seven months.

On April 26, Silvervale chose to leave VShojo alongside Veibae after both of their contracts with the Vtuber agency expired.

Although unexpected, other VShojo members were supportive of Vei and Silver’s decision. Both Kson and Zentreya reached out on Twitter to offer support and wish the now independent talents the best moving forward.

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Given this, it was assumed that the decision was solely business related, but a follow-up on Twitch from Silvervale has the community wondering if there’s more to it.

Silvervale “doesn’t know” if Ironmouse is still a friend

Following the announcement that Silvervale had left Vshojo, the popular Vtuber streamed on Twitch to answer some questions. A variety of topics came up including why she left and what she has planned for the future.

During the stream, one viewer asked about Silvervale’s relationship with Ironmouse, making sure that the two talents were still on good terms. However, Silver’s response wasn’t what some fans expected.

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“Are you and Ironmouse still friends? I’ve seen this question a lot in the chat,” Silver started. “I don’t want to like, well I don’t know man. What is a friend? Is it someone who doesn’t talk to you for seven months? I don’t know.”

Although the wolf Vtuber stopped short of saying that she and Ironmouse weren’t friends anymore, her response indicated the pair were no longer close, if they ever had been.

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Ironmouse hasn’t streamed since Silvervale’s comments and is yet to respond.

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