Valkyrae floored after realizing how “buff” Sykkuno was during gym session

Twitch: Sykunno, Youtube: Valkyrae

The long-standing friendship between Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter and Sykunno still leaves them finding new things out about each other, with Valkyrae ‘shocked’ by Sykunno’s performance in the gym. 

In the midst of her May 11 broadcast, Twitch streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae was speaking to her chat about her refusal to attend Electric Daisy Carnival. Claiming “I can’t live this way. I don’t wanna go.”

Joking that she was “still recovering from Coachella,” Rae explained that her current pain was actually due to a workout the day prior.

Hofstetter continued with her description of said gym session with recent YouTube convert Sykkuno, saying “Sykkuno is buff. He did so many pull-ups!”

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Valkyrae Sykkuno AmigopsTwitter: Valkyrae
The two streamers have been friends since meeting in an Offline TV Minecraft server in 2019.

Continuing to talk about the unexpected strength of the soft-spoken streamer, Hofstetter claimed it was “kinda scary.”

Talking to the surprising nature of Sykkuno being physically fit, Valkyrae cheekily poked fun at her friend “I’ve never seen this man use his legs.”

Closing out her description in a way that’s bound to capture the imagination Rae said “you know when he’s on stream and it’s just his head? He has other parts of him, that function!”

Valkyrae reached out to the friend they’d been working out with to talk over how jacked they’d found Sykkuno in the workout the day before.

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After talking about the 6-7 pull-ups that Sykkuno had done, Rae brought up a previous time she’d encountered the unanticipated muscle of the internet’s friendliest streamer. Bringing up an old video of Rachell using both hands and her full body weight to try and beat an unfazed Sykkuno in an arm wrestle.

Closing out her thoughts on the astonishing physical ability (by streamer standards) of her friend, she finished the anecdote questioning “why is he so strong? It doesn’t make any sense.”