Valkyrae explains why she was “freaking out” ahead of The Streamer Awards 2023

valkyrae and qtcinderella co-hosting the streamer awards 2023Twitter: StreamerAwards

Valkyrae was able to explain on the Fear& podcast the reason she was “freaking out” before The Streamer Awards 2023 went live.

The Streamer Awards for 2023 have come and gone and with it a fantastic event to highlight and focus on some of the greatest streamers to grace the internet. With such a large event it’s obvious that there would’ve been an enormous amount of work put in to ensure the night ran smoothly. As such the main organizer and host QTCinderella was under immense pressure whilst setting up and running the broadcast, which may have caused Valkyrae a bit of panic.

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Valkyrae revealed recently on the Fear& podcast that she “freaked out” right before The Streamer Awards kicked off. She elaborated that she was unaware she was running late for rehearsals, right until QT texted her about 10 minutes before asking where she was.

“I was late, my call time was 12.30 pm and QT texts me 10 minutes before 12.30 saying where are you? I was like I’m going to be late and she was like ‘ you are my co-host you’re supposed to be here, rehearsal is at 12.30.’ So I start freaking out cause I didn’t realize I was missing rehearsal.”

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Fortunately for Valk, QT seemed to be right on top of everything that was going on preparation-wise.

“I get there and I just see QT is in the zone, she is just going through it. She’s got someone vlogging for her, there’s people coming up to her and running and going.”

qtcinderella valkyrae austinshow on the fear& podcastYouTube: Fear&
Valkyrae explained why she was freaking out before the start of The Streamer Awards 2023.

This is the second year QT has run the Streamer Awards, so she clearly was showing her experience in managing a large-scale operation. Valk was sure to make a funny note whilst comparing the two when she arrived at the venue.

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“I show up in my crocs, no makeup on, a green sweater, blue plaid pajama pants. Cause I’m like oh I’ll get my makeup done there.”

However, when Valkyrae started to experience the venue further, that’s when she came to realize the sheer scale and gravity of the event she was about to co-host with QTCinderella.

“I was like, wow, this is actually happening. We’re freaking out.”

QT was able to share the sentiment with Valk however, empathizing with the streamer and stating, “yeah it makes it real.”

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The Streamer Awards for 2023 have all been done and dusted, however, with the event coming to a close with a rather crazy party. You can check more of our coverage on The Streamer Awards 2023 right here.