US Open beer girl Megan Lucky goes viral after Beer Chugging tourney rejection

Virginia Glaze

Famous US Open beer-chugger Megan Lucky is going viral once again after claiming she was denied the chance to appear on the jumbotron for a third time after taking the event by storm for the past two years.

If you’re a fan of tennis, you might remember the woman who went viral for chugging a beer in just over seven seconds at the US Open in 2021 and 2022.

Her name is Megan Lucky, and she’s gone so viral from her back-to-back beer chugging stunts that she’s amassed over 114k followers on Instagram as a result of her impressive drinking skills.

However, Lucky says that she didn’t get the chance to shine at this year’s US Open — and she took to social media to address the situation after fans were left disappointed and confused when she didn’t appear on the big screen for a third round.

Who is Megan Lucky? US Open beer girl explains why she was absent from 2023 tourney

27-year-old Megan Lucky, who went viral for chugging beer at the 2021 & 2022 US Open tennis tournaments, said in an Instagram post that she wasn’t sure why she was seemingly snubbed in 2023.

However, she did claim that she might take her ‘Beer Girl’ persona to another sporting event very soon as a result of being apparently denied the chance to chug for the audience.

“I obviously went to the US Open this past weekend, and for whatever reason, whoever was in charge, did not want me on the jumbotron this year,” she explained.

“I don’t know their reasons, they didn’t share them with me, but I still had a lot of fun and I’ve made my peace with it. I know the universe has a plan for me, and like I said last time, ‘Beer Girl’ is part of me, and maybe I’ll take her to another sport that wants some of her fun-loving energy soon.”

Lucky assured her fans that this is “not the end” of her ‘Beer Girl’ days and that she’ll be making another appearance very “soon.”

Lucky is more than just ‘Beer Girl,’ though. She’s also a certified yoga instructor and a NLP life coach on top of her status as a viral beer-chugging icon.

We’ll have to see where Beer Girl shows up next. In the meantime, keep up with all viral internet news and drama right here on Dexerto.