Oktoberfest waitress goes viral for extreme beer-carrying skills

Oktoberfest waitress goes viralTikTok: verenaangermeier

A German Oktoberfest waitress by the name of Verena Angermeier has gone viral on TikTok with 58.9 million views on a video showing her carrying a tower of beer.

As October creeps closer, beer enthusiasts will be happy to know that the annual German tradition of Oktoberfest is back again, as it usually runs from late September to around the first Sunday in October.

The festival originally started in Munich, Germany, but has since made its way across the world.

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Verena Angermeier is a German waitress currently working at an annual Oktoberfest in Germany and has recently gone viral for her incredible beery-carrying skills.

In one TikTok video, which has been viewed over 58.9 million times, Verena was seen dressed in a traditional dirndl dress as she was waiting for the beers to be poured.

She then goes on to take six-pint glasses filled with beer and organizes them into a circle before doing the same with six more. She then balanced the two circles on top of each other before adding one more pint on top.

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Verena then lifts up the tower of now 13-pint glasses with ease and walks away to serve guests. And she did it all with a smile on her lips and without any sign of struggling while carrying the pint glasses.

Viewers shocked by Oktoberfest waitress’ strength

Verena’s skills and strength have stunned viewers, as her viral video has received over 3.4 million likes and 14.4 thousand comments praising her.

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One person commented: “I went to Oktoberfest and I had a bruise on my hand from drinking one at a time they are SO heavy.”

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Another wrote: “It’s astounding how much they’re lifting and balancing… I struggle bad enough with one.”

“What in the…….I can’t even carry my coffee mug from the kitchen to the couch without a major malfunction!!!” a third person jokingly said.

However, some viewers seemed too distracted by the beer in the glasses to notice Verena’s super skills.

“Suuuper impressive no doubt but can we talk about the insane amount of foam in so many of these?” one person said.

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Another wrote: “Is anyone talking about the foam, that’s too much foam for me.”

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