UPS driver chases dog that stole package he just delivered

Kawter Abed
UPS driver chases dog that stole package he just deliveredTIKTOK: juicecupboxx

A UPS delivery driver has gone viral on TikTok, after chasing a dog who stole an Amazon Prime package that he’d just delivered.

In a viral clip with 640,000 views, Tre Welch (juicecupboxx) filmed the hilarious encounter he had with a German Shepherd who stuffed a customer’s package in its mouth and wouldn’t let go of it.

“I didn’t deliver that to you,” the UPS driver said, while filming the dog who managed to get hold of the Amazon Prime package Tre had just delivered. “Give me that package back.”

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The pooch then turned its back toward Tre and ran away from him with the package still held in its mouth. “Here. Come here,” the delivery driver said, as he slowly chased the dog. “They’re going to say I didn’t deliver. Drop it. Drop it.”

When the pup still refused to let go of it, Tre’s co-worker came to his rescue and somehow managed to make the pooch release the package into his hands.

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Tre then returned the parcel to the home, before realizing that the adorable German Shepherd was running after him to grab it for the second time.

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In a final attempt to prevent the porch pirate from striking again, he placed the package behind the screen wall. “I know you didn’t get online and order this so keep ya paws and mouf offfff,” the USP driver wrote in the caption of the clip.

TikTok users took to the comments to share their jokes on the funny incident. “Maybe it’s his Christmas present,” one person quipped. “Judging from the yard, he’s a collector of things,” another said.

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“He said they ordered it for him and he was a good boy and deserved that package,” one joked. “He’s applying for a job as your assistant,” someone else wrote.

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