Amazon driver goes viral after refusing to deliver packages because of dogs

Screenshot of TikTok with dogs looking at car next to Amazon logoTikTok: Dripppy/Unsplash: yendeg

An Amazon delivery driver has gone viral after he refused to drop off packages because he was confronted by two dogs on his drive.

Over the last few months, pretty much every corner of the internet has gone viral at some point on TikTok. Though, the app is pretty obsessed with delivery drivers and their everyday escapades – be it through DoorDash, UberEats, or Amazon.

Amazon drivers have gone a bit more viral than anyone else though. There was the interesting-looking clip of people stepping out the back of an Amazon van where viewers were split on what had actually happened inside and, more recently, you had a driver delivering packages in the midst of a police stand-off

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Now, another driver has gone viral because he refused to deliver packages because of dogs staring him down outside of his van.

Amazon driver goes viral after being confronted by dogs

That Amazon driver in question, who posts on TikTok under the name Dripppy, has racked up over 2 million views because he simply refused to get out of his van after seeing two dogs staring at him. 

“Amazon, y’all don’t f*cking pay me enough for this s*it!” he could be heard shouting, with his caption also reading: “the real reason I quit Amazon. Bro, this was a day to day thing. I ran over 2000 times working at Amazon.”

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On top of his workout gains, the driver gained plenty of sympathy in the comments. “Same bro, I just leave the package where they are,” one said. “No, literally, you are not getting packages if your dogs are out,” added another.

“I’m not afraid of dogs but I do find it ridiculous that people leave their dogs out unleashed knowing they have a package being delivered,” another commented. 

In a follow-up video, Dripppy noted that his Amazon depot had supplied him with a device that emit a low-frequency noise designed to distract the dogs, but he claimed it didn’t work anyway. 

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So, if people may be annoyed at not getting their packages, they may want to take the advice of annoyed Amazon employees in the comments.

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