Tyler1 reveals viewer has donated over $1,000 just to flame him

Terry Oh
Tyler1 hater

The multi-role Challenger League streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp is no stranger to criticism, typically managing to shake it off. But a recent online hater caught his attention — even warranting some appreciation from the streamer.

Toxicity has become incredibly normalized in the streaming sphere, where love-hate relationships have effectively become societal norms. Tyler1, famous League of Legends streaming personality, is renowned for his bluntness — a trait some of his viewers attempt to mimic.

When noticing one viewer’s donation on August 11, where the user absolutely flamed Tyler1, the streamer couldn’t help but smile, touched by the passionate commitment to trash talk.

This particular hater has apparently stuck around Tyler1’s broadcasts and spent over a thousand dollars, consistently donating to talk trash to the streamer. The user claims they’ve created multiple names catered towards insulting the streamer, and even sent him the list of names they’ve donated under.

Tyler1 read off the list: “I have donated under the name Streamsucks, b**cha**motherf**ker1, Ihateyoutyler1, headshapedrandomizer1.” The list goes on.

Tyler1 let out a laugh while saying “there’s too many. I can’t even read them all.” Despite reading through the vulgar names intended as insults, he couldn’t help but smile brightly.

“This guy has donated hundreds of times.” While an exact figure wasn’t provided, hundreds of donations certainly add up and we know for certain it’s in the four-figure ballpark.

One reddit user linked to a clip, where Tyler1 read out the insults. “6-0? 20k viewers. 0-6? 30k viewers. Just how it is, bumpy. I’m falling asleep here. looking for some double-digit losses soon.”

Despite talking a lot of trash towards the streamer, the anonymous Twitch user clearly supports and enjoys watching Tyler1 — a form of affection very much appreciated by Tyler1.