Tyler1 loses it over Riot’s League Season 12 champion comments: “I’m gonna punch my monitor”

tyler1 lolRiot Games/Tyler1

Twitch star streamer Tyler1 watched Riot’s Season 12 update for League and freaked out over the direction of champion balance.

Riot Games provided an update on October 7 for some of the new content League of Legends will be getting in Season 12.

League will be getting two new dragons in the Hextech and Chemtech drakes, which come with a new buff. Players will also be getting a handful of new Mythic items, as well as upgraded Legendary items for Mages, Assassins, and Tanks.

The company also shared their opinion on their new champion releases, which Tyler1 took great exception to.

Riot delays next League of Legends champion release after late Vex launchRiot Games
Vex is League’s most recent champ release and is the 157th champion available in-game.

Tyler1 on League champion balance

During Riot’s state of the game update, Jessica Nam shared the company’s view on recent champion releases and reworks, saying: ” We’ve actually seen that new champions have been pretty balanced on release this year, except for Dr. Mundo.”

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Tyler couldn’t believe what she said, shouting: “What are they f**kin’ talking about. Dude, Mundo, what do you mean?! Like, I’m not gonna make it through this. We’re thirty seconds in, I’m about to punch my monitor. Dr. Mundo was the most balanced drop you’ve had!

“He’s been the most balanced rework you’ve done the whole time!”

(Timestamp at 0:09 for mobile users)

Tyler1 threatened to not watch the rest of the video, saying: “Dude, I might just close this s**t. Look at this, I’m 29 seconds into the video, bro. I can’t with this s**t. What are you talking about?”

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Dr. Mundo was the only champion in League to receive a full rework in 2021, and since his release has seen a handful of buffs to make him stronger.

It’s no secret Tyler has taken exception to the direction Riot has taken League as he recently laid out his demands for changes he wants to see in-game.