Twitch users baffled after bird emote banned for ‘sexualized content’

Jacob Hale
Twitch ban bird emote for sexual content

The Twitch community has once again been left confused after a streamer’s bird emote was banned for displaying ‘sexualized content’.

Twitch’s banning of emotes has come under fire throughout the years, often with users finding them completely unnecessary. For example, back in May 2021, one streamer had their Winnie the Pooh emote banned because Winnie was wearing a bikini in it. He later replaced the bikini with a shirt to get it reinstated.

There have been several emotes banned, and even streamers banned for using them, throughout the years.

Things become especially hairy when seemingly innocent emotes get banned, especially as much of the Twitch community continues to take a stand against the hot tub and ASMR streams that keep popping up.

Indiefoxx on twitch
Indiefoxx has experienced massive success with her ASMR licking streams — but it has stirred controversy.

On July 6, partnered Twitch streamer KaraCorvus posted a screenshot to Twitter of her emote bans, saying that “they’re all getting snapped up.”

The attached screenshot is an email from Twitch, saying that they removed one of her emotes from the platform because it displayed “imagery of sexual content or nudity.”

The emote itself appears to be a bird bent over from behind, with one responder describing it as “just cartoon characters wiggling their booty.”

The responses to the tweet are much as you would expect: her followers are absolutely bemused by the removal of the emotes, questioning how some others get away with it and calling it “the dumbest ban [I’ve] ever seen.”

Of course, Twitch have their Terms of Service and are well within their rights to remove anything they deem to be going against them — but the community are becoming increasingly confused.

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