Twitch streamer TheStockGuy roasts viewer after exposing their terrible tips in chat

TheStockGuy roasts Twitch viewer for tips in chatTwitch: TheStockGuy

With plans on sending Gamestop to the moon, stocks and trading have become an even more mainstream topic in 2021, with some streamers capitalizing on the new focus on the industry.

One of those streamers is TheStockGuy, who goes live on Twitch to discuss trade opportunities, talk about what he’s interested in and show his investments.

TheStockGuy has managed to build himself a strong following of over 250,000 at the time of writing, with many flocking to his stream to be entertained while building their knowledge on stocks.

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Naturally, the viewers share a lot of tips between themselves in his chat — but this doesn’t always pan out well, as TheStockGuy roasted one of his viewers during a March 16 stream.

TheStockGuy Twitch streamerTwitch: TheStockGuy
TheStockGuy has become one of the biggest names on Twitch when it comes to stocks.

After one viewer said that TheStockGuy is “a troll who doesn’t know sh*t about stocks,” he decided to look back at the viewer’s history in his Twitch chat — and found the perfect comeback.

As well as a bunch of messages urging others to hold on to AMC shares, the viewer mentions SNDL, or cannabis company Sundial Growers.

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TheStockGuy then compares where SNDL was at the time of the message alongside where it is now — and it’s not pretty viewing, with a monumental drop-off. “Oh Jesus, f**k, “ he says. “Well, good luck buddy. We’ll come get you at some point.”

Needless to say, it’s one thing being called out by a popular streamer, but when it’s for something like this… we can’t imagine they’ll be popping up in that chat for a little while.

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Obviously, stocks are to be used for long-term investment, so SNDL may turn out to be a real money-spinner, but this viewer might have wanted to think twice before accusing TheStockGuy of being a troll.

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