Twitch streamer targeted by phonejacking thief during IRL broadcast

Brent Koepp
Twitch: Jaystreazy

A Twitch streamer’s in-real-life broadcast in Vietnam was sorely interrupted when a motorcyclist unexpectedly stole the personality’s mobile in a drive-by phonejacking.

IRL broadcasts continue to be one of the most popular categories on Twitch, as the unpredictable nature of the real world makes for thrilling entertainment. Although sometimes streamers find themselves in a dicey situation.

That is what happened to ‘jaystreazy’ during his March 8 stream when his phone was stolen by a man on a motorcycle. The abrupt incident is an example of how recording live outside can quickly turn around to bite you.

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Jaystreazy has gained a following by taking his viewers on his travels around the world. On his recent trip to Southeast Asia, things quickly went south for him in Vietnam when he encountered a thief.

While in the middle of his broadcast in Hanoi, a motorcyclist slowed down and approached the streamer, before violently yanking the phone out of his hand. The thief then sped off with the stolen device.

“He jacked me, dude,” he told his chat, before sighing. He then said “How did he pull it? He ripped it!” before showing his chat that the criminal had physically tore the phone off the cord it was connected to.

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He continued to walk down the street while talking to his viewers about the incident. He then realized that he could no longer control the stream without his phone. “Well, I can’t even turn the stream off until I get back to the hotel.”

Upset, the Twitch personality then exclaimed “Feels bad man!” as his chat continued to explode with responses, as many of his viewers were shocked by the incident, and felt bad for the streamer.

Fortunately he safely made it back to his hotel, where he said he was going to file a police report. “Unf**kingbelievable! I can track my phone. But tracking isn’t going to do anything. I need to file a police report, and then my travel insurance will hopefully cover it,” he said.

Incredibly, Jaystreazy’s chat was able to catch the thief’s license plate number. The streamer thanked his viewers, and asked them to post any information they have in his Discord server.

While it seems unlikely he will get his phone back, hopefully his insurance will cover it. If nothing else, this is a good example of both the pros and cons to IRL streaming, as unpredictably can sometimes lead to bad things.