Logan Paul appears to get knocked out by UFC fighter Paulo Costa

Logan Paul, YouTube

Logan Paul has spent the better part of a year attempting to transform himself into a fighting machine, but in a recent vlog on YouTube, the star showed he was nowhere near the level of undefeated UFC fighter Paulo Costa.

Paul and his crew headed out to Las Vegas to catch UFC 248 of March 7 and while there, he took some time to spar with professional fighter Paulo Costa.

While the undefeated UFC fighter chose to forgo any protection, Paul wisely donned some headgear – a wise choice based on what appeared to happen during the session.

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“He’s not a human, he’s a bear, he’s a 13-0 undefeated UFC fighter,” Paul said, introducing his opponent. “I don’t think he liked the way I looked at him at dinner last night or something, but it’s a good thing I’m a professional boxer now. Who’s 0-1, goddamnit.”

The YouTube star actually seemed to get some decent shots in during the boxing portion, but it was all overshadowed by one massive right hand from Costa that found the mark.

Paul hit the ground faster than you can say “like and subscribe,” and even appeared to have earned a nice shiner on his left eye as a result.

Most human beings would probably also get knocked out by Costa, but to his credit, he managed to get back on his feet just a few seconds after waking up.

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The YouTuber-turned-boxer continued to hold his own while grappling with the Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter, who even seemed to be impressed with his performance.

“90% of guys who go train MMA have good technique, but not hard spirit, not big heart you know?” Costa told Paul when they were done. “You have both.”

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Most recently, Logan has been challenged to a fight by former NFL star Antonio Brown and even though talks have supposedly broken down, the YouTuber is apparently getting in plenty of practice.