Twitch streamer takes hot tub meta to next level with breastfeeding stream

LuxieGamesTwitter: LuxieGames

Twitch streamer LuxieGames found the perfect way to bring the hot tub meta to the next level by using an overlay as a way to cover up while breastfeeding her newborn on stream.

One of the first things parents have to figure out with their newborn child is how exactly they plan on feeding, whether it be formula or breastfeeding.

While breastfeeding isn’t against Twitch’s community guidelines, moms on the platform may decide to cover up during their broadcast.

LuxieGames was recently met with this issue, but her mod helped her find the perfect way to cover up all while bringing the hot tub meta to the next level.

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LuxieGames finds perfect way to cover up while breastfeeding

In a report from Polygon, Luxie revealed how she came up with the idea of a hot tub overlay. Twitch streaming is her full-time job, and it’s not exactly easy to end stream whenever her infant decides it’s time to eat.

“So on stream, we decided it would be funny to do a censor bar originally — and then my mod Tori came up with the idea to make it look like I was in a hot tub,” Luxie told Polygon.

While the idea was made as a reference to Twitch’s hot tub meta, Luxie made it clear that she “adores” all creators — and it wasn’t made as a way to make fun of them.

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After posting the overlay on Twitter, LuxieGames’ fans quickly took to the replies to show their support for it.

“The way I was like HOW DID SHE FIT A HOT TUB IN THERE???,” one user replied.

Another said: “It genuinely took me a second to realize this in fact was not a real hot tub in the room and you in fact were not waterboarding a baby under there.”

Luxie and her mod’s creativity just show their ability to adapt to various situations, and it’s clear that everyone’s in love with it.