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Twitch streamer reveals hilarious reason she won’t sleep with plants

Published: 27/Oct/2020 13:04 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 16:18

by David Purcell


Twitch streamers are always coming out with hilarious things as they broadcast, but your body might not be ready for this one. Apparently, people should not sleep in the same room as plants. 

The Just Chatting section is always jam-packed with weird and wonderful content. One day, you might find yourself watching somebody do some body painting or dancing, while others will just sit down and talk about what’s on their mind.

Well, on October 26, streamer Karii decided to go for the latter. The Portuguese creator has over 10,000 followers on her channel and has been growing right through 2020, but her latest theory might well be the one that gets the most sets of eyes on her content.


She doesn’t think sleeping with plants is healthy, which may raise eyebrows to begin with, but her explanation is even better.

Plant in house
Household plants are a problem for this streamer.

Twitch streamer explains her plants theory

After being asked about a plant in the background, Karii quickly brushed off suggestions it might be real – saying a real one that used to be in her room had died.

So, she bought a fake to replace it. The reason why plants are no longer near her bed, however, is where the whole thing gets a little confusing.”I don’t recommend to have plants inside your house,” she said. “I just bought a fake one because I don’t want to kill plants.


“And also it’s not healthy. I heard it’s not healthy to have plants in the same room you sleep in, because plants remove your oxygen. I’m not joking, it’s actually not that healthy to have plants in your room. I’m not joking.”

The entire time the Twitch streamer was smiling and laughing throughout the explanation, so you have to presume – or indeed hope – that she’s not being totally serious. “Plants breathe too!” she concluded, moving onto other subjects.

For those who haven’t got a science textbook next to them right now, plants, of course, absorb carbon dioxide from the air and emit oxygen in return. At night, they do take in oxygen but it’s hardly going to affect the levels of the entire room!


The Twitch clip has been doing the rounds since it was captured, with over 18,000 views at the time of writing.