Twitch streamer realizes awful mistake with his TommyInnit tattoo too late

Twitch streamer clint1717 gets bad tommyinnit tattooYouTube: Tommyinnit / Twitch: clint1717

A Twitch streamer decided to get a tattoo to commemorate his respect for rising content creator TommyInnit, and realized far too late that it had actually gone horribly wrong.

TommyInnit has seen huge growth throughout 2020 and 2021, as one of the fastest-growing Minecraft creators on YouTube. His name often crops up alongside the likes of Dream and Corpse Husband as people who have blown up and earned themselves cult-like followings.

With over 8 million followers, the 16-year-old Brit is well on his way to becoming a genuine star, and his fans believe it too.

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So much so, in fact, that some are getting tattoos to show their support. This one, though, didn’t quite go how the Twitch streamer getting it might have expected.

tommyinnit in front of graffiti wallInstagram: tommyinnitt
Tommy has become a huge star, and only looks to be getting better.

Clint1717 — who you might remember as the streamer who got a Pokimane tattoo for a $75 donation — has had a bit of a sour moment with the tattoo gun.

Speaking directly to Tommy, Clint said: “Your content means a lot to me. I’m so f**king sick of these sons of b**ches trying to cancel you for f**king nothing, dude… I’m in your corner buddy.”

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Then, with some nudging from his partner Megan, he shows off the tattoo, of Tommy’s name, to viewers of the stream. The only issue is, as pointed out when Megan starts spelling it out, it actually just says ‘Tomyinit’.

As Clint repeats that “it’s two ‘M’s, Megan,” the amateur tattoo artist can’t help but burst out laughing at her awful mistake, with Clint reminding her that it’s “a f**king permanent tattoo, dude!”

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Clint is then clearly lost for words, just staring at Megan in disbelief, finally revealing that he’s “so sad” about the misspelling.

Needless to say, if you’re going to put permanent ink on your skin to show support for your idols, you might want to make sure their names are at least spelled correctly.

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