Twitch streamer loses it after viewer’s mom brutally scolds him during Discord call

Twitch viewer's mom ragesPixbay/Twitch

A Twitch streamer was left in stitches after one of his viewers was roasted by his angry mother during a Discord call.

No one wants to be embarrassed, especially when it’s in front of hundreds of others. But for a Twitch viewer named Louie, it ended up helping him earn a gifted sub.

During an April 10 broadcast, streamer ‘sennyk4’ invited some viewers into a Discord call to partake in a content where whoever made him laugh would earn a gifted sub.

When it was Louie’s turn to try, he was quickly interrupted by his mother who raged at him hard, leaving the streamer in tears.

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Twitch can be very addictive for some people.

Viewer’s mom roasts him in front of Twitch streamer

After getting the go-ahead to start speaking and try to make sennyk4 laugh, Louie started telling a joke before being rudely interrupted.

“Alright, so two nuts are riding down on bicycles,” he began, putting the streamer to sleep. Before he could continue, however, the viewer’s mom chimed in the background.

“Are you still on that f**king computer?” she screamed. “Jesus Christ, Louie, they don’t even know who you are, those people on the computer. Every day with this f**king sh*t! I’m tired of this sh*t!”

While this was going on, senny absolutely lost it and started cracking up as the viewer’s mom raged at him for being online until 5 AM.

“I’m f**king fed up,” she roared causing Louie to disconnect from the call.

Luckily, the whole ordeal was enough to earn the viewer a gifted sub, with senny even unsure if it was scripted or a legitimate fight.

“If that was staged or not staged, I don’t care,” he laughed. “Oh my God. He literally called his mom in for that sh*t, man.”

Regardless, even if Louie’s mom was mad at him for real, at least her anger earned her son a sub, which might do little to curb his ongoing internet addiction. Talk about a major backfire.