Twitch streamer STPeach banned for second time in 2022

stpeach instagram photo with twitch logo in cornerTwitch/Instagram: lisapeachy

Twitch streamer STPeach has been banned on Twitch once again, barely a month after her most recent ban from the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform.

Peach has faced several bans on Twitch over the years, including in March 2022, presumed to be due to a cosplay she was wearing on stream. During that stream, she had also raised over $10,000 for charity.

On April 11, she was banned once again — strangely enough for wearing a cosplay she’s shown on stream before.

“Banned from Twitch again.. for wearing a Raven cosplay I’ve worn before and had absolutely no issues/bans,” Peach tweeted after the news broke.

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“Guess this means only one thing…” she added, along with a picture of a kiddie pool poking fun at hot tub streamers. “I’ll see you guys Wednesday.”

STPeach was due to appear on ‘Schooled’ on April 11 before her ban, the show run by OTK, alongside Clix, Neeko, WillNeff and more. So, that’s bound to cause some interesting discussion among the variety of streamers.

In the past, streamers such as Trainwreck have called STPeach “shameless” for her content, but she also has a great number of fans and support from both viewers and fellow streamers alike.

Now that we know the reason for the ban was something she’s featured on stream before, and that it’s only for a few days, fans will no doubt be wondering why Twitch only now decided to do something.

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