Twitch streamer indefinitely banned for joking about kicking friend to death

twitch bans streamer for god of war kick jokeYouTube

A Twitch streamer has been forced to transition to YouTuber after being banned for joking with a friend about kicking him to death.

Twitch has been criticized for some of its bans in the past, such as the mystery behind its decision to permaban Dr Disrespect, but this situation could be its weirdest yet.

Streamer Skumnut never believed a simple joke with a friend could land him in so much hot water after just completing a “kick only” run of God of War Ragnarok.

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After typing “I will kick you to death” in his friend’s chat, Twitch took action and indefinitely banned the streamer – something he’s still in disbelief over.

Twitch permabans streamer over inside joke with friend

As reported by Jake Lucky, when Skumnut posted the joke in his friend, Mega’s, chat, the fellow streamer even acknowledged his God of War run.

However, this joke really seemed to upset Twitch, who the streamer claims even lied to his face about past misconduct violations.

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In an email from Twitch that the streamer showed in an email, the Amazon-owned platform says it reviewed “multiple incidents of serious violations of Twitch’s terms of service” to justify terminating his partnership.

“That is a straight-up lie,” he said, and revealed every email he had been sent by Twitch sent her began streaming.

Despite Mega even emailing Twitch and explaining the situation, the platform has stood by its decision, leaving Skumnut to broadcast on YouTube instead.

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Although the streamer has been doing quite well for himself on YouTube, this mistake definitely has had major repercussions.

As Skumnut pointed out on Twitter, it’s odd how a streamer who had sex live was banned for just a week while his joke earned him a lifetime suspension.

Twitch doesn’t comment on individual bans, but we’ll have to wait and see if this newfound backlash to the permaban can be enough to make the Amazon-owned platform reconsider its controversial decision.

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