Twitch streamer has hilarious way to end viewer arguments

Joe Craven
AmericanDad Twitch Streamer

[jwplayer Y7PB7YwV]A popular Twitch streamer known as AmericanDad had a phenomenal response to two squabbling viewers – forcing them into his Discord so they could settle their differences outside of Twitch chat. 

Squabbling viewers in Twitch chat are nothing particularly new. If you visit the live stream of any streamer with a few viewers, the chances are that there’ll be a couple going at each other for one reason or another.

This was the case for AmericanDad who, while live on July 16, came across two of his 53,000 followers getting at each other’s throats. However, where many Twitch streamers would ignore the argument, the ex-US Army veteran forced them to settle their differences in a unique and brilliant manner.

AmericanDad crouching
AmericanDad has over 50,000 followers on Twitch.

“Hey, hey hey, listen!” he said. “If I need to pull ‘ImYeti’ and ‘IRSWeezy’ into Discord, we’ll do it. If we need to hash this sh*t out, we’ll do it… Do I need to pull you guys into the Discord, do we need to have an adult conversation?”

Believe it or not, that’s exactly what AmericanDad did. After pulling both viewers into Discord, he laid out some ground rules and let the pair settle their differences vocally, as opposed to from behind their keyboards.

The viewers started by throwing insults at one another, with the Indiana-based Twitch streamer hilariously shadow-boxing in the background.

However, the pair’s conversation took a handbrake-turn into heartwarming territory, with both men agreeing to leave it behind and that they’re now “cool with one another”.

Despite it seeming like the argument could escalate, AmericanDad successfully mediated the pair into an agreement.

It’s one of the more creative ways we’ve seen a Twitch streamer settle an argument but, if it works, who are we to question it?