“Creepy” stranger repeatedly demands Jinny get in his car during her Twitch stream

JinnyTwitch: Jinny

Jinny looked visibly shaken after a persistent stranger repeatedly asked her to get in his car during a Twitch IRL stream, leading many to believe that he may have been trying to kidnap her.

Another day, another awkward encounter for Jinny live on stream. She’s seen everything from people hurling disgusting racial slurs to someone actually trying to sell her drugs. But what happened this time really left her rattled.

Jinny was minding her own business while waiting for an Uber ride.

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Then, a tenacious man appeared and repeatedly asked the Twitch star if she wanted a ride. And the weirdest part was he didn’t want to appear on camera.

Twitch streamer Jinny in GermanyTwitch/JinnyTTY
Jinny’s had some awkward encounters with strangers in recent months.

“I was about to go to New York. Do you want a ride?” asked the man. “You’ll save money. Don’t take the Uber there. They’re like, crazy. They’ll talk to you and sh*t. You want, like, a normal person.”

He repeated the stranger’s offer several times, despite Jinny declining.

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‘It’s okay, it’s okay,” repeated Jinny, trying to shoo him away politely. The man insisted he was “parked right over there,” but Jinny refused again: “My Uber comes in three minutes. Thanks for the offer, though.”

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Normally, that would have been the end of it. However, the man kept insisting. Jinny started to look visibly concerned, and when he urged her to “not spend the money,” she ended the conversation by saying, “I have a lot of money.”

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Fortunately, he realized she wasn’t going to accept the offer and walked back to his car, leaving Jinny in peace.

She talked about the incident with her fans for a couple of minutes, describing the interaction as “creepy”. They tried to make her feel better by saying that she “flexed” on him. But in the end, it was a tense situation for them, as well as her.

Eventually, her Uber arrived, and she went about her business before ending the stream. It seems Jinny can’t escape weirdos on the streets.

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