Twitch streamer exposes terrifying lengths stalker went to find where she lives

Beddle shares scary stalker storyTwitch/Beddle

A Twitch streamer has revealed the shocking methods that stalkers use to find out where content creators live – and it’s downright terrifying.

Stalkers have become a major issue for quite a few Twitch stars, especially with the advent of IRL streams, which can indicate an area where a streamer resides.

For streamer ‘Beddle,’ the decision to have an IRL stream proved to be a consequential one, as a stalker was able to pinpoint her exact location and reveal it to her in DMs.

During an April Twitch broadcast, Beddle explained exactly how her stalker found her and the methods he used to find other unsuspecting streamers, as well.

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Twitch stalker exposed live on stream

According to Beddle, she started up IRL stream some time ago – bac when she lived at a different house. While she was out and about, her stalker paid attention to details like road signs and tracked them to find out where she lived.

“Someone sent me a DM and said ‘I know where you live.’ So, I didn’t reply back, and then he sent me a message explaining how he tracked other streamers,” Beddle revealed.

Beddle explained that her stalker did the same thing to others, but was even more radical with how he pinpointed their addresses despite living in big apartment buildings.

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“When someone didn’t want to show which floor they were living on, the streamer was just walking downstairs and he counted the stairs, how many stairs she walked on. He figured out which floor she was living on,” the streamer added. “He said that to me, so I was freaked out.”

Hopefully, Beddle’s words can serve as a warning to others regarding the extremes stalkers will go to find out where they live, so they can take extra safety precautions when IRL streaming in the future.