Twitch streamer ends broadcast after VR accident: “I broke my mouth”

Twitch streamer breaks mouth in VR game accidentTwitch: Mekise

An unlucky gamer had to put his Twitch stream on hold after getting a bit too panicked during a virtual reality game and accidentally slamming his mouth into his fireplace mantel.

Twitch is a hive for all sorts of unexpected content. From streamers blowing up cars as a celebratory end to their subathons and cats almost setting their owners’ houses on fire, the purple platform has something for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately, Twitch also tends to catch the odd accident or two while it happens, live… which happened to one unlucky streamer during a VR gaming sesh.

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‘Mekise’ is an Italian FPS streamer with a love for all things Apex Legends. However, he decided to switch up his usual repertoire with a heavily involved VR game.

Meikise selfie hospital bandTwitter: mekiseTTV
Italian Twitch streamer Mekise had to end his broadcast early after accidentally bashing his face on the mantel in his house.

In the game, Mekise was placed in a sort of escape room, where he had to find a key to get away from a robot nemesis bent on destroying himself and all of humanity.

In trying to find the key, Mekise bent down to pick it up — and ended up smashing his mouth on his fireplace mantel.

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Despite his best attempts to lob the key into its desired location before getting discovered, he ended up being found out by the robot overlord. Oh, and he also “broke his mouth” in the process.

The streamer left his office to tend to his wounds before coming back on camera, making sure to let viewers know that he was okay, but that he’d definitely taken a beating.

“It’s crazy! I destroyed myself!” he joked. “I’m good, I’m just bleeding.”

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“Oh my god! It hurts. ‘…it’s actually dangerous?,'” he said, reading a concerned comment aloud from his chat. “It’s because I’m an idiot. I should have just taken it a little slower, but I wanted to get out of there!”

This is far from the first time that VR games have had real-world consequences — in 2019, one streamer ran head-first into a brick wall while attempting to run away from a live grenade in-game.

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