Record-breaking Twitch streamer TheGrefg banned for 2nd time

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Twitch streamer ‘TheGrefg’ has been banned by the platform, marking the second time the Spanish streamer – who holds the record for most concurrent viewers – has been suspended.

TheGrefg is one of the most popular streamers on the internet. He’s broken the Twitch concurrent viewership record twice, most recently hitting the 2.5 million-viewer mark in January 2021.

He’s also now been banned by the platform twice, as he was suspended on March 22, 2022.

This marks the second time TheGrefg has been punished by Twitch, following a July 2020 incident that put him in the platform’s dog house for 24 hours.

TheGrefg banned by Twitch for the 2nd time

Initially, it was unclear what TheGrefg had done to get banned. Though in his response shortly after his account was taken down, he clarified the situation.

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Due to “taking a risk” and “criticizing” the ban policy on Twitch, while discussing banned streamer Brunenger, the Spanish star was handed his second suspension.

In the past, he accidentally showed an inappropriate video on stream and received a one-day suspension for it. This time around, his punishment is slightly more severe with a three-day ban now in place.

Butts, Willyrex, and Brunenger?

At first, fans came up with three different ways TheGrefg could have been banned. Some thought it was an elaborate ploy by Willyrex, who has been feuding with the streamer.

Others mentioned the possibility that TheGrefg accidentally showed a picture of his own butt on Twitter, while on stream.

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And, finally, the actual reason, many were on the money in believing the streamer had been suspended due to showing banned streamer Brunenger on-camera.