Twitch just changed the way streamers appeal bans and report accounts


Twitch has revealed a new on-site portal to keep track of ban appeals with a new “intuitive” reporting process in an effort to improve safety on the platform. 

As Twitch has exploded with popularity over the years, a variety of creators have found themselves banned from the platform with no solid explanation. The Amazon-owned company now wants to provide more clarity and consistency for those users.

On March 22, 2022, the platform revealed two new products for the community. Available now is a new portal to submit and keep track of ban appeals, and next week they will roll out a new streamlined reporting process.

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Both of these features were created in an effort to improve safety, as it has been met with ill-intentioned users over the last year. Here’s everything we know about them.

Twitch reveals new ban appeal page and upgraded reporting process

Twitch reporting live stream new

In a blog post, Twitch explained that community safety is vital for interacting on the platform — but they rely on the community to help. In an effort to make working together with creators easier, they revealed the simplified appeals portal and better reporting process.

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They went on to detail how a more detailed report allows the team to act on offending content quickly, which prompted them to revamp their reporting process. They said: “Based on your feedback, we’ve developed a tool with a simpler, more intuitive design to help you file a report and get back to connecting with your community.

“It includes a new search functionality to help you find the exact report reason you’re looking for, as well as tailored menus based on whether you’re reporting live content, VODs, or clips.”

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Twitch ban appeal portalTwitch
The new Twitch ban appeal portal was created to make the appeal process faster.

With the new reporting process rolling out in the near future, they also revealed the new ban appeals portal. They went on to explain why they decide to create the new portal, emphasizing they it was based on community feedback.

They said: “We’ve heard that our current system is slow and that it doesn’t provide enough insight about how your current appeal is going or how past appeals have gone. This is particularly important for creators, who earn income from streaming for their communities.”

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These new features come as streamers on the platform have continued to deal with hate raids from bots, and creators constantly receiving bans from the platform.

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