Twitch streamer ends subathon by literally blowing up his car

A Finnish Twitch streamer ended their subathon with a literal bang by blowing up a car with 36kg of dynamite.

The concept of subathons is quite simple, and they’re not exactly uncommon nowadays. With each new sub, more time gets added to how long the stream will last – which is a great way to get a community together.

Sometimes, streamers can go through hundreds of grueling hours of nonstop broadcasting to the world. The most notable subathon and the streamer who mainly popularized the challenge is Ludwig, who in March 2021 went the entire month streaming.

Now, a Finnish Twitch creator known as TurunPug ended their stream quite literally with a bang by purposely blowing up an old car.

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Instagram: TurunPug
Twitch streamer TurunPug blew up a car to end his subathon.

Marking the end of his subathon after reaching the final goal on March 19, 30-year-old Finnish Twitch streamer TurunPug had an out-of-the-ordinary task to complete.

The final goal was to blow up a car, and that’s exactly what he did by strapping 36kg of dynamite to an old Ford Fiesta.

Of course, when the dynamite was detonated, the poor car was absolutely obliterated into pieces.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen creators blow up their cars either. In January 2021, YouTube star Danny Duncan decided to blow up his Tesla Model 3.

While streamers usually set weird and confusing challenges to do upon completing goals, this one definitely takes the crown.

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It goes without saying, don’t attempt to blow up your car with 36kg of dynamite yourself.